How To Uncover Skype Instant Messages

by TechnoGrannyAnni

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You never know when a learning moment will come along.  I have said before that I am learning many new things right alongside you – and today was no exception.

Here’s a quick note about a discovery – small but worth mentioning – that I made this afternoon.

In truth, it was pointed out to me by my brother, Mike, while I was shepherding him through his first Skype-encounter.  Yesterday, he bought a brand new PC (his first one was shared) and he was exploring and remembering how it worked.

Communication with Family
One of our shared goals is to communicate more now that he is retiring (we live thousands of miles apart), and what better way to do it than through email and Skype.

We were talking on Skype and I was writing to him via Skype Instant Message (IM), but he couldn’t see either my words or the funny emoticons with which I was punctuating my messages.  While they were visible to me, they were invisible to him.

I wasn’t sure if there was something wrong with his set-up, and we were going through everything he could see on each of his Skype screens and commands, when he discovered an icon that allowed him to enlarge or minimize his IM screen.

He had discovered something that I didn’t know.

Here’s how:

  • On your call screen – the one that has the green signs that you click to ‘call’ or ‘video call’ your chosen contacts – there is a shallow rectangle right at the bottom of your screen where you can IM them.
  • You will see a blue sign over to the right that says ‘Send message’ when you hover your cursor over it.

This screen sometimes appears to be almost hidden from view – and this is why Mike couldn’t see my messages.

  • When you hover your cursor over the top frame of this screen, you will see a sign like a wide ═ with arrows above and below it; this allows you to manipulate the size of the IM writing area.
  • Simply enlarge the area of your IM by pulling up the top of the frame to make it deeper, and you will have more space to write or read your messages.
  • Manipulating your scroll bar on the right hand side of this section of the screen will also change the view of your Instant Messages.

There you have it.  Problem solved and a lesson learned – by me!

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