Tips for Travelling with Tech Stuff

by TechnoGrannyAnni

in You and Your Computer

This is coming to you from Merida, Mexico and being here made me think that I should mention a few things to remember when you are travelling with your tech stuff.

Now you have this new interest in technology, you may want to take it with you when you go … just as I do.  I never travel without my laptop and a few other tech gadgets such as my iPad, that doubles as an eBook Reader (it weighs less than books), and my iPhone (for posts, emergencies, and keeping in touch if I choose to).

Remember, when you are using your gadgets, to turn off roaming, and to make use of Wi-Fi wherever you can.  I remember before I really understood the high cost of roaming, I came home to a massive phone bill.  Fortunately, my provider took pity on me, and knocked a chunk off the total.  I felt very silly, because I was in a location where I could have taken advantage of Wi-Fi and didn’t – for some unknown reason.

Most hotels have computer ‘Business Areas” that you can use for little or no charge, but if you are like me, you’ll want to have your computer on the plane or in your vehicle, and that way you have all your contact information and even your accesses to Skype and Facebook.

Don’t forget your chargers; you’ll need them if you are planning to take along any electronics or other ‘tech toys’.   Before you go, though, check and see if any of the chargers will do double duty.  Though my iPad and iPhone have different cables, the plug parts of the chargers are interchangeable … even little ideas to save on weight, help your overall baggage allowance, and the amount you have to carry around.

Voltage Levels
To avoid taking along several different pieces of equipment, you can get multi-chargers with lots of different connector ends, but check out the voltage first.  Many places in the world provide electricity at different voltage levels, so be sure and find that out before you leave – you may need an adaptor to raise or lower the charge.  For example, Britain and much of Europe uses 240 voltage, whereas most of North America uses 120 voltage.

Remember also, aside from the voltage, the prongs of the plugs are constructed in several different shapes to fit the receptacles – so you’ll need an adaptor for those also.

4 tips for packing for your gadgets

Tip#1: when I pack to go away, I start a couple of days in advance and, as I charge up my gadgets, I put the chargers in a chosen spot in my studio and that way I don’t forget them.

Tip #2: Make a list: if you are a list-maker like me, just write down all the electrical items that you are taking, and then list the correct chargers to go with them.

Tip #3: You can find inexpensive storage pouches for each of your small pieces such as chargers, mouse and so on.  Label each one, choose the pouches for what you are taking, and simply place your pieces inside.  That way you can find them in your luggage when you need them.

Tip#4: Even easier than pouches are zip-lock bags.  You don’t even need to label them – and you can see what you have at a glance.  This type of storage has the advantage of providing protection from damp and sand depending where you are going.

Good luck and happy travels!

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