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I had a wonderful treat this morning!

I turned on my Blackberry first, as I usually do, and I saw that I had received a couple of videos in my email from my little granddaughter who lives far away from me in Amsterdam.  So I changed my usual routine and even before I got dressed I came to my computer and booted up;  I wanted to watch those videos on a bigger screen before I did anything else.

And guess what!  While I was watching the videos they sent, Skype started beeping  at me.  It was my daughter and granddaughter sitting at the computer over in Holland ready to talk to me, so we had a spontaneous video-Skype call – right there and then.

Not only did I get to see the videos they sent, but I was also able to say goodnight to the little one as she was going off to bed.

My morning started with joy and warm feelings that stayed with me all day long.

How did we do it?



Emailing videos
The videos that arrived in my email were taken on a mini video camera called a Flip – a small-size, ultra-easy little video camera (see it here) that fits into your pocket or handbag.
I love my Flip video camera and I take it everywhere I go – because you never know what will turn up.  You may already have a video camera, or a regular digital camera that has video capabilities; you can use any of them to email videos.

 Skype is a phone program that you use for free computer-to-computer calls, and you can also make low cost calls from your computer to land lines.  Go to and follow the instructions to download the program to your computer.  It’s easy – just try it!

Make your call extra special by adding video, using the video camera on your computer – most laptops now have built-in (onboard) video cameras that are compatible with Skype.  You just press the “Video Call” button instead of the “Call” button.
Or you might use a little webcam that attaches to your computer screen instead – they are readily available.
My desktop computer doesn’t have a built-in webcam so I use an external one.  I will write more about them in another article

Look for other articles on my website about emailing, and receiving and sending special videos.

Make you day start as happily as mine did … Skype-start it!

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