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by TechnoGrannyAnni

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Do you have a special photo that you would like to see every time you switch on your computer?

It’s easy to make your favorite photo into a background on your screen, and it will stay there until you decide to change it.  All the time your computer is switched on, your desktop background picture will be there behind whatever you are working on.

Here’s how you do it

Step 1.
Go to your saved “My Pictures” file and find the photo you want to use.  Choose it by placing your cursor over the picture icon and left clicking  your mouse.

Step 2.
Right click on the picture with your mouse (don’t hold the click) and you will see a list of choices.

Step 3.
Choose “Set as Desktop Background” and left click your mouse.  When you close your “My Pictures” folder you will see the image there on your screen.

There you’re done … it’s that simple!

Now go and try it for yourself.

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you just may be a lifesaver



Thank you. Glad to help!


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