How to Send a YouTube (or any) Link to Your Friend via Email [VIDEO]

by TechnoGrannyAnni

in Email, You and Your Computer

There are many times when you want to direct your friends to a good video you have seen, or to send them a link to a web page that you want to share.

Below I will show you how to do this by just following along step-by-step with the instructions below.  If you would prefer to watch it on video, just click below:


Remember that there are more ways than one to do this, and I am showing you a quick and easy way using your mouse.

Get used to using your mouse when you can, and it will save you lots of time in the long run.

Step One

Find the YouTube video (or link) that you want to share.  You could find it in various places, for example in the browser or address bar at the very top of your page, or in a document that you have received from someone.

Step Two

Look at the browser (or title) bar, where you will find the link for the YouTube video, and left click with your mouse to place your cursor behind the link on the line.

Step Three

The line will either a) immediately be highlighted in blue, or b) you should drag your mouse over the link (holding down the left click) to highlight it.

Step Four

Right click your mouse on the highlighted (blue) link and a menu will drop down.
Choose ‘Copy’.
The link will now be saved.

Step Five

Open a new email to your friend and, inside the body of the email, right click.
From the menu that drops down, left click on ‘Paste’.

You will now have the link in the email and you can write a message and send it.

Granny’s note: You will notice that the link may be ‘hyperlinked’ – meaning that it is underlined and ‘live’ and, when clicked, you will be taken straight to the site.
If it is not hyperlinked, your friend will need to highlight it (see Step Three b) above), copy it (see Step Four above), and paste it into the browser (or title) bar.

It’s like you are doing the process back to the beginning again.

Go and practice and soon you will be doing this like a pro – or even like your grandchildren!

Good luck and happy sharing!

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