How to format a letter or document from inside your email [VIDEO]

by TechnoGrannyAnni

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You’ve received a letter or an article in the body of an email, and you want to turn it into a separate document.  Then you want to save it without all that extra email clutter – the subject line, the address, the date and so on.

Here’s what you do.  You can watch this as a video demonstration by clicking on the arrow, or follow the steps written below.



Step 1.
Highlight the words that you want to save:

• Left click with your mouse and scroll over the words to highlight them.
You can either scroll from top to bottom, or from bottom to top (people seem to have preferences).

Step 2.
Copy the highlighted part of your email:

• Right click with your mouse, choose ‘copy’ from the menu that pops up, then left click.
• Left click on the ‘copy’ icon at the LH top of the home page (next to the icon of the clipboard).

These words will now be on your Clipboard, but you won’t see them.

Step 3.
Click on the ‘Start’ button and open an MS Word document – you will have a nice clean page ready for your letter or article.

Remember: the words are all waiting on the Clipboard and you now want to move them onto this empty page.

Step 4.
To place your words on your page:

• Hover your cursor over the top of the page and right click your mouse,
• Then left click on ‘paste’ from the pop-up menu,
And your words will appear on your page
• Hover your cursor at the top of the page, and
• Left click on the ‘paste’ icon (it’s a little clipboard) at the top left of your screen,
Your words are there on your page.

Now you can proceed to format your page just the way you want it: choose the size and type of font, space your lines as you wish, add color, highlight … etc.  Make it look as plain or as pretty as you choose.

Next you will click on ‘save as’ to save your document in one of your folders like I showed you here.

Note:  I see that the toolbar does not show up in the video for some reason, so here is an image of what your MS Word toolbar looks like:


Home Toolbar for MS Word


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