Filing Your Photos and Documents

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Organize from the Beginning
Fairly soon you will create more and more files and pictures that you will want to save.

Just like when you move into a new house and put away all your belongings rather than throwing them into any old cupboard, or unpack groceries and put them away on the correct shelves immediately, it’s better to be organized right from the start.

How to organize saved files and photos
You could be saving files and photos in a long list and scroll through the names to find them (that’s if you remember what you called them in the first place), but it’s much better to file them in an ordered way, so that you can find them easily when you want to.  Just like taking a specific route to a destination, you will have a ‘route’ to your files.

As you complete a document, or upload photos to your computer, think about how you will save them.  When you name the high level folder (for the group of files or photos) you will know where find them.

The diagram below illustrates an easy way to organize your photos.  I have used the example of a collection of photos.

Step 1. The top level simply says, My Pictures, which is already there for you in your computer.

Step 2. Within the My Pictures folder, create another folder and this is where you will put a specific group of photos, for example, ‘Family Pictures’.  (See the red arrows)

Step 3. You may have two children, Jane and Jim.  Create folders for both, and put all the pictures of each family in the appropriate folder. (See the blue dash lines)

Step 4. Jane and Jim have children, your grandchildren, and you are getting so many photos of them all, you might decide to separate them still further and use such file names as ‘Birthdays’, ‘Teams’, or ‘School Pictures’.  (See the purple lines)

Do you get the idea?

Step 5. Now continue, and for each new group of pictures, create new files, such as ‘Holiday Pictures’, ‘Special Occasions’ and so on.

When you are filing your other documents, whatever they are, just use the same pattern and logic, and you will have a very organized computer where you can find anything you need in a jiffy.

Granny’s caution: try to think up the most logical and easy-to-remember names for your groups of folders.  I can’t tell you how many times that my logic on one day is simply not the same as it is on another, and I sometimes spend far more time than necessary trying to find files and folders.

Organizing files and folders | filing in your computer

Example: filing your photos

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