About TechnoGrannyAnni

Greetings fellow grannies and grandpas!   I’m TechnoGrannyAnni, the Computer Savvy Granny – aka Ann  Jordan-Mills.

I first became interested in computers and technology more than 20 years ago, and I have grown with the changes over the  years.
I started out with a tiny little Mac desktop, and now I have PCs – a desktop and a couple of laptops (a big one and a baby one – both red).  And I’ll tell you about my other techno-toys along the way.


As with everything else, computers have developed beyond our wildest imaginations – and who knows what else is on the technology horizon as we speak?

Now the press of a button accomplishes almost everything we need to do, we can easily carry our computers around with us and use them literally anywhere in the world.  And we can even talk to them, instead of having to actually write anything with the keyboard.

My grandchildren are pretty savvy when it comes to computers, but I can say that I often know more than my children, and I definitely know more than my spouse and siblings!

They all seemed to think that this was extraordinary, so that’s when they started to call me TechnoGranny.  I actually quite like my name … I consider it a compliment.
And that’s where I found my aka: “TechnoGrannyAnni.”

Journey of Learning

It’s been quite a trip.  At first, I hardly knew how to turn on the thing, much less write a letter or, heaven forbid, send a picture!

But over the years, I have learned my way around this technology by finding out what I should do … and how I should do it … when I needed it.  I went to a class for beginners years ago, but they lost me after about 15 minutes, and I never went back.

My favourite teachers

I have learned by trial and error – and believe me, there have been many errors along the way … and lots of embarrassed red faces about my slip-ups!

But, you know, most people understand if you make a mistake, and almost everyone is ready to help.  I try not to be a pest with my favourite “go-to” people – those are the folks who can explain things in words that I can understand (well, mostly).

And best of all, they don’t treat me as if the number of my grey hairs is in direct relationship to the condition of my brain cells i.e. lots of them – and fading.

Nope, my synapses are crackling along quite well, thank you.  Sometime I need a step-by-step explanation of something, and maybe a little extra patience – but on the whole, I usually get it!

And now it’s your turn

So now here we are – you and TechnoGrannyAnni.  I’m here to pass on my learning to you and hopefully help you to get over some hurdles and questions that you might have as you embark on this great new adventure. 

Because, believe me, an adventure is what it is!