Dispel Your Computer Fears

Dear Visitor to Computer Savvy Granny:

This is a short note to update you about what will be coming up on this website, and to tell you about the exciting plans we have to help you discover all the neat and wonderful things you can do with your computer.

Don’t let those grandchildren beat you out, show them you are an evolving senior – come here, learn here, and plan to surprise them with your computer savvy!

As you read on my home page, this website is here to help you learn all about your computer.  You can see from browsing through the site that there is a lot to learn – and I am anxious to tell you about everything … all at once.

But I can’t.  It’ll take a little time to build up the site so that you can find everything you need here.  And even then, I’m sure you’ll think of things you want to know that I haven’t mentioned yet.

Chase away the fear
 My goal for our site – yours and mine – is first to dispel any doubts and fears that you might have about being able to use your computer.

Next, I want to give you the tools so that you can easily make your computer do what you want it to – whether that is to look at and share photos, keep in touch with family and friends by email, write a letter or a story … or any one of the hundreds of other things your computer will do for you.

So I am going to be as orderly and logical as possible in how I add tips, articles, and how-to-do-it pages.   However, if my logic seems a bit off from time to time, or what you want to know is just not coming quickly enough for you, please forgive, and just let me know what you want through your comments.  I will add what you need just as soon as possible.

NEW!  Here now … Your free Ergonomics Report
To your right, you will see a form for my special report about how to take care of yourself when you set up your computer space.  Whether it is right in the middle of your living space, or in a special area of your home reserved just for you, you need to pay attention to how you place and set up your computer area.  As you have already read, Ergonomics are crucially important to our comfort and continuing health as we set up our computer spaces.  This report  gives you some good hints and tips, and I invite you to sign up and download it – it’s free!

Coming up …  Home-Study Tutorials
I am excited to tell you that we are in the process of developing a series of home-study tutorials where you will be able to follow along step-by-step with the instructions on your screen and then try it for yourself.

We are accommodating all kinds of learning styles by presenting the tutorials via audio and visual alternating between slides and video.  And we will also have special group computer tutorials delivered via webinars.

Just so you know, a webinar is a presentation where you sit in front of your computer and your instructor’s computer screen shows up on your screen.  You can follow along with the demonstration as well as hear the information (through your phone or your computer headset).  You will also receive the replay so that you can go over it later as many times as you wish.

If you are like me, an evolving senior, you like to see it, hear it, and try it for yourself!

I invite you to keep visiting us here on www.computersavvygranny.com to see what’s new.

All the best and keep on learning!