Demystify Computers with TechnoGrannyAnni

Would you like to see photos of your grandchildren within minutes of a special event?  Like when they are born, those first precious steps, a birthday party, or graduation …

Have you heard that you can see a photograph of someone almost immediately it is taken – even if she lives thousands of miles away?  And that’s only one of the hundreds of fun and useful things that your computer can do for you!

Yes, but how can I do it?

You sound ready to jump in and learn about how your computer works.  You want to know in simple words and pictures so you can understand …

When you hear words like: boot-up, software, windows, Google, yahoo, devices, programs, upload, download, firewall … I’ll bet you have totally different meanings in your mind.

I did.  I had no idea what all these words meant.  But we are evolving seniors, we have adopted computers – or our family may want us to –  and we are going to learn all about it

We’ll explain!

So I decided to learn about it all … and now I’m going to share all that I have learned with you.

TechnoGrannyAnni and team are here to help you understand this crazy computer language, to show you how to do all these mysterious and wonderful activities like emailing people, attaching pictures, writing letters and documents, chatting on Facebook.  We’re here to answer your computer questions.

If you can’t find an answer inside, just click to the Contact page, send me a question, and I’ll answer it.

If I don’t know the answer, one of my team of experts will – and I’ll learn along with you!

You’re not alone.

We’re in good company – computer users aged 55 and over are the fastest-growing group to use social sites such as Facebook, and often use them to keep up to date with the lives of family and friends, especially distant grandchildren.

A report by Pew Research reported: “As of April 2012, 53% of American adults 65 and older use the internet or email … [this] represents the first time that half of seniors are going online. … these gains are significant.”

That’s an overwhelming statistic – subsequent numbers are much higher. is written especially for these evolving seniors, the ‘growingest’ group of internet and computer users – us!

We’re here for Everyone!

But if you don’t quite fit into that age group, and you are just discovering what your computer can do for you –  whether you are 7, 37, or 77 years old – you can come to TechnoGrannyAnni’s site any time you wish.

Whoever you are, whatever your age and techno-stage, you are totally welcome to visit and learn!